About the Studio

 Heart to Hand Studio in LaHave, Nova ScotiaHeart to Hand Studio is an award winning Fine Art, Craft and Design Studio, established in 1983 by David Schut and life partner, Monica O’Halloran-Schut. The words, “Heart to Hand” (Croi go Lamh in Irish Gaelic), perfectly describe the philosophy behind the creative pursuits they have both been involved in for so many years.  Copper, Silver, Wood, paintings and textiles play a part of where they cross pollinate their inspiration and talents.

In 2016, construction was undertaken to relocate the studio to LaHave, a small fishing village, about twenty minutes outside of Bridgewater, on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The beauty of their situation, overlooking the LaHave River and  few minutes away from renowned beaches and forest trails, is reflected in their work.

This dedicated space houses a working studio through which they happily share some of the processes with visitors, gallery and two larger, light filled work rooms.

About the Name of the Studio:

In 1983, when establishing the name Heart to Hand Studio, we were inspired by a quotation accredited to St. Francis of Assisi….(1181-1226):

‘He who works with his hands is a labourer,
He who works with his hands and his head, is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands, his head and his heart, is an artist’.

The idea of taking what was in our heads and hearts in tandem with the process of creating through our hands, appealed to us. With a nod to Monica’s Irish heritage we translated the name in to Irish Gaelic, ‘Croi go Lamh’ (pronounced Cree go Lav). Through time we learned not many here in Canada speak or understand Irish Gaelic so, as we moved to Nova Scotia, now just use the translated version, Heart to Hand Studio.

Our original logo was based on the Claddagh, an ancient Irish symbol of Love, Friendship and Fidelity. It is used mostly today in Claddagh rings, given to those who appreciate their meaning. In addition, Claddagh is a small fishing village near Galway Ireland, where Monica’s family originated.  In the old Irish, ‘an Cladach’ means ‘the shore’, even more appropriate for we now live on the shores of the LaHave River, minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.

In our creative journey, it is our hope that those we meet along the way, will see the craftsmanship of our hands, the creativity of our minds and, especially, the connection of our hearts.