Artist Bios

Monica O’Halloran-Schut

Monica is a professional, award winning visual artist and lifelong creative entrepreneur.
In partnership with Dave, she has a successful track record in building a chain of retail stores (1975-1994) in the Greater Toronto area as well as continuing her own studio art practice.
She is one of the founders of The Hills of Erin Studio Tour, established in 1988. She was instrumental in establishing a committee whose aim was to improve the economic well being of Arts and Culture in her community. This lead to the establishment of The Alton Mill Art Centre, 2008 which continues to be a thriving art hub north of Toronto. She served as a member of the Executive Committee of the Ontario Craft Council; representative of regional Arts and Culture on both The Hills of Headwaters Tourism Board and The Town of Erin Economic Development Committee, and one of the founders of the East Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

Dave Schut

Dave enjoyed a long and successful career as a Mechanical Engineering Manager with a global company based in Switzerland. He is also a musician, furniture designer and artist working in Celtic Illumination, leather, metal and wood. With the expanded and dedicated studio space he continues to work with metal and wood, particularly in expanding his skill set in the art of fold forming and stone setting.


  • Best Art Studio Tour of the Year, Headwaters Tourism Award, 2006
  • Artist of the Year, Headwaters Tourism Association, 2008
  • Juror’s Award, Sculpture, Headwaters Arts Festival, 2009

Artist Statement

Sculpture establishes a relationship with the space it occupies, whether it is held in the hand or viewed from a distance. This process of communication, of relating thoughts and emotions establishes a connection between the mind and the heart.

Significant Commissions

  • FNX Mining (Now Quadra), Toronto ON
  • R&G Brooke, Seattle, Washington USA
  • Headwaters Arts, Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Jeff Kirby
  • Bridget Ryan
  • Greg Petrie

In Support of the Arts

Monica as been a lifelong volunteer and worker within the Creative/Arts and Culture Sector.

  • Founder, Hills of Erin Studio Tour, 1988
  • Award Winning Studio Tour, 2006

Headwaters Tourism:

  • Marketing Committee, Arts & Culture Representative

Town of Erin:

  • Economic Development Committee, Arts & Culture Representative

Headwaters Arts:

  • Visionary, Future of the Arts
  • Chair, Steering Committee, Headwaters Artists Network
  • Vice-President, Headwaters Arts, Alton Mill Arts Centre

Guelph Art Works, Board of Directors

Ontario Craft Council:

  • Regional Regeneration Committee
  • Chair, Regional Regeneration Committee
  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Committee, Board of Directors

Work in Culture:

  • Writer, Facilitator, Northern Ontario Webinars


  • Visual Arts Nova Scotia
  • Society of North America Goldsmiths
  • Silk Painters International
  • Felt Makers Canada