A gathering of birch tree bark, twigs, leaves from the garden……transformed into wearable, one of a kind jewellery pieces.

A walk through a Canadian forest brings a feast for senses.

But, there is nothing quite like the contrast of our Paper Birch trees against the jewel colours found in nature.On closer inspection, one can find the history of the life of a Birch tree, from the marks left behind by a climbing raccoon or squirrel, a bird, or insect trail.

Talking Trees Birch Bark Bracelets

Photo Credit: Linda Mason

Birch Bark Bracelets

Using the bark from fallen trees from Nova Scotia tree lots,  the birch bark is cleaned, steamed, deconstructed. Much care is taken to save knots, lichen and unique details from the bark. A process is undertaken to layer birch bark, some times using the rich chestnut brown bark from the underside to contrast with the white paper birch. The layers are sealed with a protective coating and finished with a wax.

They are mounted on silver and gold plate in varying widths.

Please allow three weeks for a custom order. 

Talking Trees Collection

One of a Kind, Earrings, pendants and brooches are made using real twigs, leaves, bark and other organic materials as the foundation for each piece, made using 96.0 Recycled Silver. Once fired in a kiln, the organic materials are burned away, leaving the detail of each one as perfect as it was.

All ear wires are in 92.5 Sterling Silver unless you would prefer Gold filled wires.
All chains are 92.5 Sterling Silver, Made in Italy. A wide range of sizes and styles are available from 16” to 24”.